MudbuM Bro Staff

MudbuM Bro Staff - Brent 'Peachy' Thompson
Brent ‘Peachy’ Thompson
Bro Staff - Scales Mound IL

Brent is co-owner of MCT Productions, an outdoor video group. They have proven themselves to be a very knowledgeable and professional organization and Brent is a true outdoorsman in every sense of the word. An avid bow fisherman and line runner, Brent has shot and caught bigger fish than anyone we have ever met, and therefore earns his spot as one of our few pro staff members. We are happy to have such a pro on Team MudbuM!

MudbuM Bro Staff - Jaime Vanourney
Jaime Vanourney
Bro Staff - Central City IA

A small town man that grew up in the outdoors, from reeling in big flathead to catching panfish. Jaime enjoys every part of the outdoors, from lonely sits in the bow stand, calling coyotes and bowfishing, to the camaraderie of the duck blind. He spends every moment possible enjoying what God gave us!!

MudbuM Bro Staff - Garrett 'Boomer' Wilson
Garrett ‘Boomer’ Wilson
Bro Staff - Jefferson City MO

Raised on the banks of the Osage River, Boomer is a tried and true river rat. At the age of 3, he started fishing with his Grandpa Sherrill, and never looked back. At 20, he started tournament fishing and has grown to be a contender wherever he is. He now fishes in excess of 20 tournaments a year, in multiple states. His vast knowledge in the sport of cat fishing, along with his eagerness to make sure everyone around him is having a great time, makes him one of the most exciting people to watch along the tournament trails! Whether he's anchored up in the swiftest current a river has to offer, or laid back drifting on a lake, he's always in his element. One of Boomer's biggest passions is watching the happiness it brings others when he puts them on their personal best fish. Simply put; He's fun, he's crazy, and he's good at what he does!

MudbuM Bro Staff - Lee Hardee & Josh Coggins
Lee Hardee & Josh Coggins
Bro Staff - Dillon SC

Lee got his start running up and down the Great Pee Dee River in South Carolina with his father and uncle as a little boy. He quickly fell in love with those giant fish they were catching! They would spend every weekend hunting down those fish and he hasn't stopped as he has gotten older! He fished his first tournament 20 years ago in a borrowed boat with his father and it’s been a passion of his ever since. He highly encourages the practice of CPR so his son will hopefully be able to see the giants he saw as a boy! Josh grew up in Thomaston, GA and fell in love with catfishing at an early age. Primarily, he fished for flatheads (or Appaloosa’s as they called them) up and down the Flint River from Thomaston to Albany. Other than being a big CPR advocate, Josh is currently the co-director of the Southeastern Catfish Club, which promotes the sport of catfishing through friendly competition. The best thing about catfishing, other than the anticipation of seeing a rod double over, is that there is always something new to learn.

MudbuM Bro Staff - Charles Breedlove & James Holcomb
Charles Breedlove & James Holcomb
Bro Staff - Jeffersonville IN

Charles Breedlove, aka Mr. Blue Cat, is a hard working, outdoor-loving, cat fisherman who loves catching monster catfish. That's why he’s proud to be a part of the MudbuM family! Charles has made it clear he is honored to be using the best cat rods on the market, and hope y'all will try them out too. Be safe on the water and God bless! James Halcomb is a die hard fisherman! He loves chasing big cats and has been fishing tournaments since 2007. James is a five-time points winner and two-time big fish of the year winner from the Indiana Catfish Association. He travels all over chasing trophy fish. James is happy to be a part of the MudbuM’s Bro Staff! “I really appreciate the opportunity to be on the team. Thanks and tight lines everyone!” –James