The Hawg Lawg® is the most suped up ditty pole system in the world.

Made in the USA

Built with unapologetic American Pride and backed with a full Lifetime Warranty

If you know what a ditty pole is click on 'Learn more about the Hawg Lawg®' below, if you don’t, stay with me then and let’s have a chat. Ditty pole fishing, or “Running Lines” is about the most time-honored method of fishing around. Stab a pole, willow or a branch into the bank, tie a line on it, weight it, bait it, come back and see your catch. Before we go any further we are not in the business of telling anyone what is legal or illegal. We encourage everyone to look into their local laws to discover for themselves the legalities regarding this method of fishing. Every state is different. OK, back to ditty poles, yes it’s that simple: stick and string. However, before The Hawg Lawg®, there was not a system out there that took away the PAINS of runnin’ lines. It’s quite simply a lot of hassle, low salvagability, a mess. In other words, you MUST have a serious passion for it because it is A LOT of work. Now there isn't a thing wrong with hard work, but you do enough of that all week from 8-5 working for the man.


First off let’s get it out on the table, we have NEVER said that the equipment being built and used by Catfishermen doesn’t work, it does. Heck, that’s what we used for years and landed monsters on mangled up junk and had a blast doin it! That did not change the reality of the rat’s nests, inefficiencies and efforts exerted running some ditties. Like everything else, we recognized a need and fixed the problems that existed with the conventional system made of crude parts and pieces in a garage. Knots suck; take too long and cold weather knots suck even more while wearing gloves so we got rid of them. No one likes untangling a rat’s nest in the bottom of the boat when you have 10 ditties stacked up headed in or out to the fishin’ hole. Tarred and braided line is crap unless you like line that turns into frayed cardboard after you use it a couple of times. Nylon isn’t much better. We use high molecular weight extruded polyethylene and finish the assembly of every Hawg Lawg® with Post extrusion High Density spin finish. We, The MudbuM’s™, have fished our same equipment for three seasons now and landed over 3000 lbs. of fish on our same poles and line. If you watch the show, look at our Lots and farms or Lawgs. They have been put through a war, but we are still using the same 25 poles we started using a few years ago. When you buy a Hawg Lawg®, you use it for a LONG TIME and so should we. We started beating our Hawg Lawgs® into the bank because there are huge fish in these rivers and if you don’t set that pole for magnum success, why set it? We built a pole that was engineered to be beat on with a 40 oz. dead blow, literally for the rest of its life! When was the last time someone sold you product that said, “Beat on this the rest of your life with the 40 oz. rubber mallet that comes with it, and if you break it, let me know I will send you a new one?”

That cap allows you to beat that pole into the densest soils, so when that next state record does swim along, it’s over. Use PVC now? How do you like the mud that fills the last three feet of the pipe? How about rebar? Carry 10 of those around, not cool. Willow Branches? Sure that works too, but doesn’t take away from the fact that you still have to cut the willows and tie the knots. That is way too much time wasted. Wouldn’t you rather have your hooks in the water fishing sooner and longer and not deal with beavers? Those pesky little rascals love a good Willow.

A carry bag would be nice too right? Problem solved. Tackle box with all your pre-tied leads with no knots? Dadgum right Hoss and even some extras! Harvest tags? Not a deal maker, but we got ya covered there too. No sense in eating a ticket. Sinkers, spare line, extra 250 lbs barrel swivels? Yes Sir! Made in The USA? Shewt Yea!’s a Ditty Pole for cryin’ out loud! Cheap? Heck no it’s not Cheap. If you’re looking for cheap, stick with your equipment. If you’re looking for the best, you have found it here. Why in the heck would a person make one of the most radical redneck rigs ever made in China!? A product that will most likely end up in the company of a lifted Chevy or in the bottom of a fully rigged Gator Trax boat made in china!? That’s Hilarious!! It’s built with unapologetic American Pride and backed with a Lifetime warranty Did someone just say ‘Merica? Yea, we just did. Excuse me while I crank up the volume to some Lee Greenwood and mount this 4 barrel on my big block.

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