Iowa's Official Gator Trax Boat Dealer

Purpose Built Boats for the Extreme Outdoors

MudbuM Supply Shack is Iowa's official Gator Trax Boat Dealer! With as much as we live in these Gator Trax boats, and love these boats, we just simply cannot keep these to ourselves any longer! Backed by the Gator Trax Lifetime Guarantee, and built exactly the way you want it! Come on in, sit down, have a cup of coffee, and Crash or Lead will help you design that boat of your dreams! Built to withstand the next nuclear holocaust, BOOM!

Gator Trax builds high-quality, shallow water boats so that you can maneuver with ease through whatever water you want to take on. Our custom built aluminum boats feature a standard design with additional layouts and accessories that fit your needs.

Almost from the start of Season 1 of the MudbuM Boys, we’ve been working with Gator Trax on building the custom boats we use every time we go out to catch those Hawgs.

Why Gator Trax? According to Crash, “My Ol Man use to say “dont send a boy to do a man’s job,” so it makes the reasoning pretty simple when talking about why we use Gator Trax Boats. Thickest, toughest, most heavy duty Custom Built Boat you’re going to find!

  • 01 Built from aluminum twice as thick as the competitors
  • 02 Longitudinal bracing system helps prevent dents
  • 03 Built from one piece of aluminum creating a stronger boat with no chines
  • 04 Flat bottoms for better shallow water performance
  • 05 Airboat style rakes for faster acceleration and a higher ride in the water

Gator Trax is here at the Shack!