Setting the Standard In Remote Control Lighting

Golight’s pledge to our customers is this, we promise to keep an eye on the future and embrace innovation in the lighting industry, to design and manufacture the highest quality products in the marketplace and to stand behind our products with unparalleled warranties and service.

We used Golights long before Golight knew who the heck we were. For years we used handheld spotlights; bad connections, terrible beam distance, and simply ridiculous to hold for hours at a time. Then we found Golight, mounted them on our old river rigs, and wouldn’t even consider another light since that day. Now, they are one of our finest sponsors, but we go together like apple pie and ice cream son, we traverse rivers with overhanging limbs, at night, in the dark, in the fog. First off it’s a safety thing for us, turning on a Golight gives me the same feeling as when I put on a life jacket. Clearly it’s not going to keep me afloat if I fall over board, but it is going to keep a widow maker from stabbing me in the face when we are running wide open at 1 AM getting to that next night bite honey hole. Suction, stanchion, magnet, permanent, they can go on anything. Halogen, LED, even heat imaging, they make it.

Tough? Haha! The first night we ran our boats after getting them from the rigging company, Willy and Red smashed the front housing in on a Stryker. Those boys ran the boat into a huge overhanging cotton wood limb. It didn’t break the lens just pushed the moveable light into the housing. Think about that, a light took ALL of the force of a 16 foot boat. We pulled the light off and took it up to the cabin. In the living room, with a pry bar, I literally pried the housing apart, and forced the gears back into place. She’s got some scars now, but it still works just as well as it did when it was new. That same light just started its 3rd season of filming. Remote control, Joystick Control, insanely bright, and strong enough for the US Military. Bright and tough buddy, designed to get the job done, light the night!

I wouldn’t put anything else on a boat, truck, ATV, tractor…..whatever it is, if you use it at night, give it a Golight. ~Crash

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