Mercury - Go Boldly
Powering More Than the Boat

To make every moment on the water count you need more than an engine behind you. You need a company. One that makes owning an engine so rewarding and trouble-free there’s nothing to worry about. Except planning your next adventure. Welcome to Mercury®.

What can you not say about Mercury Outboards? First off, if you’re a dude, and like the looks of something scary, Merc is your choice. However, never judge a book by the cover right? At least that’s what Mama always said. Mercury is that tough guy that can back it up. We fish some pretty unforgiving waters. We are not the shiny guys, which drop in on the lake ramp, that fish until dark with our khaki shorts on, we are the opposite. We fish Rivers. Abandoned Bridge piers, Cars, 100-year-old Tree’s, Trains, that’s the stuff we drive through to catch fish.  That’s why there’s Mercury on the back of every boat we take. From the 20 HP on the back of Scout to the 80 HP Jet on Benny, and the 60 HP command thrust in the middle, we rely on these motors to take a beating, and they do!! Here’s one for ya. Not the proudest moment we ever had, and I won’t name names, but one of the guys in our crew use to have a boat with rubber bunk boards.

They gripped his boat like glue. He used to unhook his boat at the top of the ramp and back down the ramp. The first time he did that with our new Gator Trax, that thing slid off the back of the trailer halfway down the ramp like a rocket sled on rails and landed on the lower unit!! That’s a true story! I heard the “BOOM!” and ran over to see what happened, expecting to see a destroyed lower unit on the back of our 20 HP tiller, but nope. Just Fine. The only thing it suffered was a slightly bent skeg, which a blow torch and a dead blow fixed that night back at the shack. See the trend with The MudbuM Boys? You better have tough stuff if you give it to us to use, because the status quo simply won’t cut our mustard. On a final note, if you don’t like buying gas, get a 4 stroke Merc. We put the most weight in a boat more than any person I have ever seen. Watch the show.

We have zero problem getting power and response out of our four strokes. Mercury is on the cutting edge, and they have the rap sheet to back it up.  ~Leadfoot

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