Outdoor Camping Gear From the Outdoor Sleep Experts

For over 50 years Slumberjack has provided outdoor enthusiasts and sportsman with a great night's sleep in the outdoors.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, The Ol’ MudbuM’s appreciate a little history, nostalgia and respect credibility, that’s why we use SJK. Outside looking in, they have three different types of Kryptek camo patterns that they utilize in their equipment, alongside the proven Coyote brown that simply makes for Rad gear. It’s when you jump down in the weeds you will see why they exist. It starts with the explanation of who they are. It doesn’t take long to see “Tactical Gear” when you start digging around on their site.  Read between those lines and you know you are going to own something tough, versatile, quiet and specifically designed for a particular job. That job is ‘getting stuff done’. Just in their packs alone, the amount of pockets, straps, buckle options, hidden compartments with straps, small to large sidearm compatibility (what good Ol Boy doesn’t like that!?) and the list goes on!

Now, take it to their sleeping bags. They still offer everything from Grandads old style flannel lined sleeping bag built for those cold nights at deer camp in the U.P. all the way to their lightweight bags just a little over 2 lbs. They’re all fit fir purpose and can be easily packed into a warmer fish camp on the Colorado River, as well cots, tents, chairs. Oh, and they make the chairs that don’t cut the circulation off to the bag of your legs. You know the kind I’m talking about. Metal frame chair, solid arms, back, and seat. When The MudbuM’s opened the Supply Shack in Urbandale, the chairs were sold out in the first week. When you sit in them, it’s over. You’ll never look back. We used crap for years, doing this very thing we do now before SJK came along. We were always replacing cots, chairs, and camping equipment.

We are proud to say that our camping equipment is now going into its third season. We live on the river 6-8 weeks out of the summer and we drive our camping gear like we stole it!  ~Red

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